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Work-Life Balance for Mothers: A Group Coaching Opportunity

So many of my clients, friends and colleagues have reported feeling torn and guilty about juggling a career and motherhood. It can be difficult, but most of our struggle and angst comes from thinking that we must code-switch between the two. What if we focused on ourselves as whole people, whose relationships and interests are interconnected and strengthening? I am putting together a group coaching experience and am looking for women who would like to be a part of it. Let’s rethink this together. Fill out a quick interest form to let me know if you are interested.

Life & Relationship Coaching

Every aspect of our lives is defined by our relationships. Whether with a spouse or partner, a child or parent, a co-worker or boss, the success of our connections with others can make or break our happiness in every aspect of our lives. The best relationships begin with self-knowledge, honesty, and a tolerance for potential conflict. In my coaching practice, I work with individuals, partners, and families to get to the heart of potential obstacles, identify what success would look like for them, and begin trusting themselves to approach life with vulnerability, empathy, and resilience.

Leadership and Career Coaching

Career choices exist within the larger context of our lives, so our coaching conversations provide comprehensive insights and tactics for tackling: career and education pathways, transitions; professional development; job performance; and leadership and team building. Emerging and current leaders construct a personal vision and a plan for moving forward as transformative executives. I excel at working with clients in mission-driven fields: education, nonprofit service organizations, and entrepreneurs focused on service-oriented products and services. My approach is client-centric, with an emphasis on getting to the core of my client’s leadership identity, values, strengths, and goals.

Strategic Communications Consulting

I have spent the last 30 years leading strategic marketing and communications in international development and higher education. My approach to helping teams and organizations plan and improve their communications begins with a focus on meeting those they serve where they are. Too often, I have seen new business owners and organizations begin with tactics–brochures, websites, social channels, email–without first asking the fundamental questions that will inform their strategy. Who do you want to communicate with, and what do you want them to know, believe, and do? With a little planning and a clear goal in mind, I help people and organizations start off on the right foot.

“Donna Justice is a force of generosity, wisdom, and expertise. Her combined skillset is unparalleled. I give her my highest possible recommendation as a colleague and coach. She single-handedly propels projects –and people– forward with ambitious grace and collective power.”

Dr. Vajra Watson, Professor

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