Client Testimonials

Michael G (MPA, PCC), Executive Director, Consultant, Professional Coach

“Even coaches need coaching. Donna Justice is who I turn to when I find myself in need of a coaching session. She helped me realize the power of relationships, and how essential they are to building a strong personal foundation. Donna’s coaching has helped me improve my personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend Donna Justice as your coach.”

Betsy TL, Assistant Director of Communications

“Donna is a wonderful coach! She hears, reflects my goals back to me, and inspires me to take steps toward a happy life. Donna has offered me creative options for tackling the mental roadblocks that tend to overwhelm me. In the time we have worked together I’ve kicked those roadblocks aside, made headway on my goals and gained a terrific sense of well being. I am very thankful to have her as my coach.” – Betsy TL, Assistant Director of Communications 

Gracie O, Support Specialist

“I started my journey with Donna Justice as a struggling 14 years old, with no idea what I wanted to pursue or even how to get out of bed every day. Donna took me in, listening to my thoughts and ideas and providing me with honest feedback that always shifts me into positive, productive thinking. Her passion allows her to easily connect with clients in a way that makes you feel understood and heard. Donna provides you with a safe place to go to when everything seems to be overwhelming and gives you the confidence to identify the factors that brought you there. Donna’s ability to guide you through the stress and arrive at the center of it is invaluable. She will not just tell you what to do but instead gives the exact feedback and the tools to bring yourself there. Her tools help you get in touch with yourself so you can take control of your life and make the leaps you may be scared of. Her approach has empowered me to identify what adds value to my life and kick those things that do not. I recommend her and every tool she offers.”

Crystal B, Public Education Specialist

“Donna is an incredibly gifted writer and marketing expert, but I know her as much more than just a brilliant mind. I also know her to be a gifted coach, an incredible colleague and a natural mentor. Donna truly cares – about people, about community, about fairness, about inclusivity. As a coach, she asks impactful questions that help clients move to change, she creates a safe and trusting space for self-discovery and vulnerability and she helps clients feel good about themselves by championing their accomplishments. Donna is the first to offer a helping hand and overall one of the finest human beings I have had the privileged of knowing.”

David DR, Marketing Director

“Donna has been instrumental in my personal development as my coach. She approaches situations with genuine care, empathy, and without judgement. Donna empowers me to be a better, stronger version of myself. She consistently brings her vast personal experience, comparative situations, reading materials, or other case study references to each session.” 

HMK, Program Manager

“Empathetic and caring are the words that come to mind when I think about Donna. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her since Feb 2018, when we were colleagues during the UC Davis PCE Professional Coaching for Work and Life program. During the program, I was lucky to have Donna coach me. When coaching, she creates an environment of total trust where she commits 100% to you, which enabled me to successfully work through a difficult life challenge. If you’re looking for a coach who is creative, present, and will help you over a challenge to achieve your goals, Donna is your coach.”

Jeanette Y, Development Coordinator

“Donna served as a mentor and coach as I navigated the final quarters of my senior year of undergrad at UC Davis. As a coach, she provided me a safe and open space to discuss academic, post-grad, and personal struggles. Not only is Donna an active listener, she is also incredibly intentional with her questions and prompts. Rather than push, she guides and helps you find your way to your own conclusions and answers. Donna is also kind and compassionate, which are two qualities that make her an excellent coach. Her coaching made a great impact on me, and without her, I don’t think I would have felt nearly as capable and confident about my post-grad plans. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who is looking for a coach in their work and/or personal life!”

Andrea E, Director of Annual Giving Marketing and Communications

“Donna is a naturally empathetic person and a good listener in addition to being a skilled Coach. Her ability to sense where I am headed before I do has been really helpful to me as I make career decisions and focus on my future. My conversations with her, which are often kindly candid, have been key to my figuring out what kind of work I do and don’t want to pursue over the next 10 years of my career. It’s nice to feel like I have some solid direction, instead of second guessing my path all the time, and Donna has been key in my figuring that out. She is awesome!” – Andrea E, Director of Annual Giving Marketing and Communications 

Vajra W (EdD), Director of Research and Policy for Equity

“Donna Justice is a force of generosity, wisdom, and expertise. Her combined skillset is unparalleled. I give her my highest possible recommendation as a colleague and coach. She single-handedly propels projects –and people– forward with ambitious grace and collective power.”

MaryBeth S, Professional Coach

“Donna is a wonderful blend of professional communications & marketing expertise together with being a warm person with a good sense of humor. I was fortunate to have the opportunity of having Donna as my coach through the certified UC Davis PCE Professional Coaching for Work & Life program. Donna is understanding and creative. I trust her input. She creates a safe space to explore making positive changes. With Donna’s encouragement, I gained confidence to consider options outside my comfort zone. As colleagues in the program, Donna truly went way above and beyond in sharing her professional marketing & communications skills with those in the class trying to launch their own coaching businesses. I consider myself very fortunate to have Donna in my corner, and you will too.” – MaryBeth S, Professional Coach

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